Week Four – Meal Prep

by hellahistamine626

Sweet Potato Hash – Breakfast

I finally broke down and tried a hash for breakfast. I sauteed ground turkey with sweet potatoes, kale and apples and seasoned with a little salt and EVOO. It was pretty good I have to admit. I didn’t boil the potatoes or anything first. Sauteed the ground turkey first, then potatoes, then added the other ingredients.

“Burrito Bowls” – Lunch

First I sauteed cauliflower rice and when it was soft added cilantro, salt and lime. Then in a separate pan sauteed onions and ground beef. I assembled the lunches together and added a slice of lime. Then I made this “Cheese Sauce” that I found on pinterest to go on top. It was okay. Not great, but it achieved the same consistency as cheese which was oddly satisfying. Next time I would try a cauliflower-based sauce, but here is a link to the cheese sauce recipe I used: Dairy Free Cheese Sauce

Ground Turkey + Cole Slaw – Dinner

One of the easiest AIP dinners possible! I brown ground turkey (or pork) in a pan with a bag of coleslaw – yes, I put them both in the same pan together (because I’m a lazy cook). When the meat is browned and the cole slaw is tender I add coconut aminos and salt and serve! It’s surprisingly good!

I prep and make this on Sunday and by Wednesday it still tastes great!

Salmon, Cauliflower Rice, Lemon Cream Sauce – Dinner

This lemon sauce is my new thing, I put it on SO.MANY.THINGS!! I combine about half a box of chicken stock or bone broth, half a can of coconut milk, a whole lemon and a couple spoonfuls of capers and let it simmer on the stove with salt. For this dinner I put that sauce over cauliflower rice and salmon that I made in the sous vide. I LOVE the sous vide too! Makes meal prepping so easy.

To prep for this on Sunday I washed and packaged my salmon in an air-sealed package ready for the sous vide and I made a big batch of cauliflower rice.

Cassava Flour Waffles – Breakfast

These are AWESOME and are definitely being added to our regular breakfast rotation. I got the recipe here from Real Plans. I threw some raspberries and strawberries in the food processor with a LITTLE bit of maple syrup (only a tiny bit is allowed on AIP, so be careful), and sprinkled the waffles with carob powder. The best waffles were the ones I left in the waffle iron a little longer and were crispier. ALSO! I froze the leftovers and ate them another day; they were still amazing, so you could definitely prep a bunch of these on Sunday!

Chicken + Broccoli – Dinner

As you’ve probably noticed this is a staple in our house. SUPER easy and everyone loves it. To prep I cut up the chicken breast ahead of time and marinate in lime, coconut aminos and fish sauce. I cut up green onions for a garnish and wash and cut broccoli as well.

The night of I sautee the broccoli with some beef stock and in a different pan saute the chicken. I serve over cauliflower rice and garnish with the green onions and a little more coconut aminos.

Air Fryer Wings – Dinner

I just got an air fryer, so I had to try some wings. I cooked at 380 for 20 minutes, then flipped and cooked the wings another 15 minutes at 400. I did not add anything to them other than salt! They turned out really good and crispy! If you’re thinking of getting one, my only note would be you can only do about 10 wings at a time – just something to consider. To prep for this, I really just pre-washed the chicken.

This was a great dinner option because I could eat the plain wings and my husband could add non AIP sauces to his before eating.

Burgers – Dinner

This one has also been on this blog before, but I just love using sweet potatoes as a bun. We usually top our burgers with grilled mushrooms and onions and I also like to add fresh basil instead of lettuce.

For the sweet potato buns, I just slice the potato thinly and then throw them on the grill for a few minutes.

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