Week Three – Meal Prep

by hellahistamine626

Nightshade-Free Vegetable Beef Soup – Make Ahead Sunday

This soup is AMAZING! I was very sceptical because of the beets and all the ingredients, but I’m definitely making this again, and I looked forward to eating it for breakfast this week. Not going to lie, it does take a bit of work because there are a lot of ingredients, but it’s so worth it; And the recipe made a ton so I have a bunch leftover I saved in my freezer. Here is the recipe from Clean Eating Veggie Girl: Soup.

Roasted Sweet Potato – Make Ahead Sunday

I made this last week for dinner and it was surprisingly really good for how simple and easy it was to make. Since I was bringing this to work on a Monday for lunch I did roast the potato ahead on Sunday. I warmed it up at work and added the EVOO, salt and Rosemary.

Chicken with Lemon – Prep a Little Sunday

Not much I could prep for this except was the chicken ahead of time. The night of I:

  • Coated the chicken in arrowroot powder and fried the chicken in coconut oil
  • Remove chicken from pan and add one can of coconut milk, 2 cups of chicken broth, salt, lemon and capers and simmer for about 15 minutes.
  • Add chicken back in and serve with cauliflower rice and sautéed spinach

Beef + Broccoli – Prep Ahead Sunday

This is a staple in our house. It’s super easy and everyone loves it. Sundays I slice the steak, wash the broccoli and chop the green onions. I marinate the broccoli and steak in a blend of coconut aminos, ginger and fish sauce. The night of I sautée the broccoli and steak until the broccoli is tender and the steak is cooked. Then I combine and serve over cauliflower rice and garnish with green onions.

Salmon – Prep Ahead Sunday

I like to wash and prep the salmon ahead of time so the night of all I have to do is pop it in the oven. I wash the salmon and top with lemon, dill and a little nutritional yeast. The night of I bake in the oven and serve with a side of spinach.

Chicken Lettuce Cups – Make Sauce* Ahead Sunday

The only thing I could really prep for this dinner was the sauce that went on top of the cups. I tried this Sweet and Sour Sauce that I found on Pinterest and I don’t know if I made it incorrectly, or it was just me, but *I REALLY didn’t like this sauce. I ended up tossing these cups and just eating chicken for this meal as well as for lunch the next day!

Sausage + Coleslaw – Breakfast Friday

This was super easy to throw together. I had leftover coleslaw from the failed dinner the night before, so I sautéed up some coleslaw and sausage, and added a little coconut aminos and it was SO GOOD! I even had leftovers.

Tortillas filled with Asparagus

I was really craving some tortillas, so I gave this recipe a try and it was a WIN! Not only did they taste great, but they didn’t break when filled and were super easy to make! I made these the night of and didn’t try freezing them, but next time I’ll try that and see how they freeze. According to Thriving On Paleo (where I found the recipe) they should freeze very well. Here is the recipe: AIP Flatbread Recipe

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