Week Five – Camping Edition

by hellahistamine626

Veggie Soup – Breakfast

I know I’ve put this on a meal plan before, but it was so good and I thought it would be an excellent camping breakfast. This does take a little bit of prep, but I LOVE this soup! It was a great way to start the morning because I made the soup ahead of time and just put the soup in a pot over the fire to warm it up. Here’s the link to the recipe: Veggie Soup

Lettuce Wraps – Lunch

These you really have to eat the first or second day (or package them better than I did lol). I used freezer paper, and in the cooler they got completely drenched. They were still good, but worth considering. I used asparagus, carrots, cucumber and turkey wrapped in lettuce. I made these completely ahead of time. Just grab and unwrap for camping.

Burgers – Dinner

I made these ahead of time and cooked them at home before we left. Wasn’t sure about the camping stove situation since everyone was planning to use it. When it came time for dinner, I just had to warm this up.

I mixed green onions, coconut aminos, onion powder and salt with the ground beef.

Watermelon – Snack

This was such a win! I cut it up before we left and put it in a large container. When it was really hot everyone enjoyed this snack. I wouldn’t try to cut this up at the campsite, definitely prep this before you leave.

Grilled Chicken and Onions

Our friends all split up the meal responsibilities, so each couple was responsible for feeding everyone one meal during the weekend. My friend made fajitas for everyone and separated some chicken and onions with just salt for me! It was AWESOME! She prepped the chicken and cooked it beforehand, so she just warmed it up the night of. The onions were cut, but not cooked; She brought foil and put the onions in foil pouches and cooked them over the campfire.

Plantain Chips! – Snack

These are a great snack, especially for camping. No prepping involved and they satisfy the salty/chip craving when it hits!

Steak + Asparagus/Onions

The steak is one thing I didn’t cook at home. I cooked the steak on the camping stove. I did bring some asparagus and grilled onions from home that I had already cooked and just warmed up with the steak. This was very delicious!

Chicken Salad – Lunch

I had this chicken salad leftover from a lunch I made my husband and he didn’t eat. Just lettuce, chicken, carrots, cucumber with EVOO and balsamic for a dressing. Super easy and didn’t require any cooking/heating for camping.

Bone Broth – Snack

This was an awesome camping snack, especially around the campfire at night. I just warmed it up in a pot and was good to go. I did have some in my freezer already made, which made this awesome to just pack. If you didn’t have this already made, it would definitely take some work to make it. Visit week 1 prep page to see how I make mine.

Carob Drink – Snack

**NOT MY PHOTO** (I forgot to take a photo of this)

I tried to make a hot-chocolate type drink I could make and drink at night by the campfire. It was okay, but just okay. It was carob powder, coconut milk and a little honey. I had packed enough for two night, but just drank it one night. I still have to work on this recipe idea.

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