AIP Diet

by hellahistamine626

AIP stands for Autoimmune Protocol. This diet focuses on eating nutrient-rich foods and eliminating known inflammatory foods to help keep autoimmune conditions at bay.

The diet has an strict elimination period (usually consisting of 30 or 60 days) followed by a reintroduction period. During the elimination period the food guidelines are very strict. Some of the foods not allowed during the elimination period include: sugar, processed foods, nuts, beans, eggs, dairy, alcohol and nightshade vegetables. The goal of the elimination period is to heal the gut, fill the body with nutrients, and help the body heal from inflammation.

After the elimination period, there is a reintroduction period. This period is really important because it helps identify which foods cause a reaction or inflammation in the body. During this period, foods are introduced very slowly; one-by-one. Maybe the first week eggs are introduced to see if they cause any negative reactions. If not, maybe the next week nuts are introduced back into the diet. Again, this process is slow and foods are introduced one at a time, so if there is a reaction, or inflammation, it is very clear which food caused the reaction. The goal of this re-introduction is to determined which foods should be cut out of the diet permanently, and which foods the body is okay with.

Here is a list of common foods and spices that are allowed and not allowed during the elimination period of the diet: