by hellahistamine626

Day 25 – More Support

In the beginning of this journey there was a constant battle with friends asking me to have a “cheat day.” Asking if I can just have a couple cocktails, or to try a new dessert place, etc. I think because it’s been a good amount of time now, people in my life are realizing that I’m sticking to this!

Day 24 – Chef Melanie in the house!

I’m sure it’s because I literally cook all of my meals, but my cooking game has seriously been improved! I find myself liking too cook and getting more creative and adventurous in the kitchen.

Day 23 – Collagen + Gelatin?

The more I read about AIP (and Paleo) the more I come across Gelatin and Collagen. I decided to buy both and see if I can start adding them to my diet. Not really sure what to do with them yet, but I’m excited to see if I feel any different after adding them into my diet.

Day 22 – AIP Night-In with Friends

My friends wanted to meet up for happy hour, but instead I invited them over to have drinks at my place and I was able to cook an AIP dinner that everyone could eat.

Day 21 – Three Full Weeks!

At this point, there’s some days I literally don’t even think about coffee unless someone brings it up. I never would have thought this was possible.

Day 20 – Does it take 21 days to make a habit?

I’m feeling like the longer I do this, the easier it gets. The easier it is to walk by donuts and cookies, the easier it is to sit in a restaurant with friends and just accept that I’m only having water, the easier it is to make foods I know I can eat. I think it’s starting to feel like a lifestyle instead of a ‘diet.’

Day 19 – Meal Prepping is Key

This is the only reason I’m succeeding! There’s no way I could do this lifestyle without meal prepping on Sunday nights. Also realizing today that I should prep out the weekends better.

Day 18 – Feeling Hella Tired

Seems like I am constantly tired, but on the nights I work out, it takes almost the whole next day to recover; like I have ZERO energy all day.

Day 17 – Hella Hydrating

I don’t know why I’m so thirsty, but that seems to be the case lately!

Day 16 – Wow!

I’m not sure if it’s more mental (because I’ve never stuck with anything this long) or if sugar really is that addicting, but I’m finally able to walk right past cookies left in my office kitchen without even a thought! Maybe my taste buds are changing because I find strawberries and raspberries super sweet and satisfying when I have a sweet craving. It’s awesome! I’m not constantly thinking of ice cream and candy bars anymore. Woop woop!

Day 15 – Feeling HELLA good

Today was weigh-in day and even though this whole thing is not about weight, it’s nice to see my body becoming healthier, and that being reflected on the scale. I feel so strong and committed with two weeks under my belt, that I don’t even want to cheat. I want to see this through and I’m excited to see how I feel even two weeks from now!

Day 14 – AArrgg weekends…

Weekends are super hard. Meal prepping for the week usually lasts until about Thursday, but then the meat and stuff prepped needs to be cooked/eaten so it doesn’t go bad. This leaves a whole weekend of meals that need to be made on the fly. Usually I end up eating leftovers, but the weekends are when the birthday parties, social gatherings, and outings happen and when you’re not around a kitchen. I have to work on a better solution. Maybe a small prep mid-week?

Day 13 – Birthday dinner?

A friend bought me tickets to a dinner theater show. It was super sweet, but I didn’t know what I was going to do. I ended up calling ahead and they made me a steak with just salt and a side of asparagus tossed in olive oil. Although the meal was not too satisfying, it was nice to be able to eat out! Not sure how people do this long-term though. Seems to me it’s easier to just not go out. Next week I’m inviting the girls over to my place to make some AIP-approved food that I can eat too.


Not sure if this these headaches were a detox from caffeine, sugar, or just foods my body is allergic to, but I’m finally headache free, and hopefully now that all that crap is out of my body they won’t be an issue! This will also be motivation not to cheat. I’m not going through that detox again. Hell no!

Day 11 – Exercise

Took a while to add back exercise because I have been feeling so tired, exhausted and with the headaches I didn’t have it in me. I did an Orange Theory class, and even though it was hard, I got through it! I also feared that exercise caused some of my hives, so I’ll have to see how that plays out.

Day 10 – Eating out with friends…or not?

This so far is the hardest thing; when your friends invite you out to dinner or a happy hour and you can’t eat or drink anything. It’s nice to go out with friends, but it’s so hard watching everyone else eat and drink. I just made sure I ate before I went out so I wasn’t hungry, but I think even my friends feel awkward (or even bad) that they’re eating and I”m not. This one is tough!

Day 9 – I’m feeling like I can do this

I can’t believe I’ve turned down sugar, coffee, pasta and even eggs for 9 days! Even though it’s only day 9, I feel like I can really do this.

Day 8 – Scale said I was 7.5 pounds lighter!

I got hit with the double compliment today. The first was when I weighed in and was 7.5 pounds lighter than last week! The second was at work, when someone said I looked “trim.” WOOP WOOP !!

Day 7 – Made it through week one!!

Wow. Feeling great that I made it the whole week! It was a rough one for sure. One thing I noticed this week is I’ve been way more thirsty! Not sure if my food has too much salt, or what. I’m going to start researching a multivitamin to take with this elimination phase.

Day 6 – Stay-in plans for the AIP win

Friends wanted to go out to brunch today, but we decided to host at our house so I could make something AIP-friendly! I fried up some Pork Belly with a little side of spinach and it was AMAZING! I still can’t kick the sugar cravings though. It’s so bad, I’m even craving peanut butter; not even cookies, ice cream, etc.

Day 5 – Feeling stronger with my will power. 

The sugar cravings are CRAZY bad, but clearly my will power game has reached a new level because inside I feel like I could punch someone for a cookie, yet I haven’t caved! I’m staying strong.

Day Four – This headache is terrible

SUGAR WITHDRAWAL!! Ok, seriously. I’m looking at my pantry and even craving just a small bite of nut butter! I need to get some strawberries I think. Not sure if this is a coffee headache or sugar headache, but its brutal.

Day Three – Que up caffeine headache.

Or maybe lack-of-sugar headache? Who knows. Clearly I’m detoxing from something…I’m still craving sweets though! The thought of 60 days of this is a little overwhelming.

Day Two – REALLY want coffee…

So, it’s probably not a good sign that already on day two I want coffee, but seriously I woke up, walked downstairs and grabbed a coffee cup out of habit. I was so sad. I made some green tea instead, which was not the same, but at least I was sipping on something hot and caffeinated while I got ready. I continued drinking green tea throughout the day, but even in the afternoon (which is not normal) I was STILL thinking about it!

On another note, the simple salads I brought for lunch this week are surprisingly good! The pickled onions on there really gave the salad a ton of flavor! Pretty excited that a simple salad was so satisfying and tasty.

Day One – Feeling Good, Excited to Get Started!

I’m excited to get started. Today was day one of this adventure, so the excitement and anticipation of knowing this day was coming I think made the no-coffee and cravings a little easier to handle. I did wake up and immediately want coffee, but I had my soup prepped and ready to go!